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Vista completa Zona 1 Pieza Between the event horizon Zona azul espectadoras Detalle esquina zona azul En las cuatro esquinas de un río Vista espectadores Zona 3 Detalle dibujo intervención pared Vista cerca Cuadro óleo collage PRISM EYE Cuadro Abducted night tea intervención pared Composición Intervención dos cuadros Cuadro óleo collage ON THE WATER SIDE Composición Cuadro Sight of hair Dibujo sobre mantel DÉJALA IR ON THE PRISM EYE is the installation with which I was involved in the contemporary art festival Le Printemps de Septembre 2012 in Toulouse, France.

This installation explores a more intimate that has enveloped my latest works, where I have been working directly deconstructing some of my deepest convictions, exposing them in different layers to the curious gaze.

Welcome to enter the changing prism on the eye of the "other".