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My work is based on the restless relation between what's internal and what's external, what's own and what's alien.

I conceive art as a vehicle, a tool to get in contact with other realities, generating a form of communication beyond words, that goes beyond borders and language codes and introduces people to new imaginations.

Through collage, drawing, painting or intervention, I introduce in everyday scenes some elements that bring about a certain strangeness and help me question the space and time we live in as well as human relationships.

Intervention and relocation of images and symbols that are both my own or alien to me, allow me to process the information surrounding me. I reassimilate experiences and reconfigurate those realities on different levels and with multiple readings.

There isn't one true image, or one only reality given to us, that's why the realities I present erase limits and parameters of what's correct or incorrect.

Through the interrelation I establish between various reassimilations, I can build a coherent space where I can be in or go through every space, dissimulating experiences through a "game" of constructions and deconstruction of meanings.

I bring experiences from one level of my understanding to another, and although my work is born as a subjective answer resulting of an individual, I'm particularly interested in the relations the spectators may create between the different elements that I propose, making them participate in some of my installations and encouraging them to be part of my creation in several ways: their experiences enrich and complement mine and offer a more lively and dynamic panorama of a multi-faceted reality.